Donington trackday with trackzone 16/02/03

This was our second visit to this great track and a good chance to drive the track in the dry as donny

will be my first race of the season, weather was on our side,dry but bloody cold

there must of been about 80 cars + there and 99% of them was there testing, day was run in 2 sessions

with about 40 cars per 30 min session which worked well, even though i love open pit there was to many motors there

did get loads of tracktime, and time to watch the many nice cars from very fast mk1 escorts to porsche cup cars..

files are windoze wmv format and around 4meg in size




golfs everywhere!

nice clear lap!

oops spin time!

escort cossie!

very green seat!

fast escort cossie

pug 405

red golf!

fastest ever lap of donny!