Cadwell Park (Short) 6-June-2004

Files are around 3meg


Start 3rd on the Grid Good start to get into 2nd

Re-start after red flag with pole man Tony Headland missing.Get ok start slot into 3rd

Lap 2

Following around in 3rd

Lap 3

Have a look into the 3rd corner but get my nose chopped off







get along side into park get nose chopped off(he's lucky i'm not driving a black nova)then yellow flags at the hairpin but XR2 doesn't see them i then get into 2nd on exit after the two infront collide as al boulton is slow on exit




Get a good run up coppice to go around outside to take the lead then bit sideways through charlies then get 2 hits from XR2 to spin me out of the lead to drop to 16th

now i've got a anoying rubbing noise from the contact



Catch pass car up park straight



pass another on inside of coppice



pass Neal Ison inside of coppice as he gave me space



Catch 3 cars around chris curve pass 2 exit of mansfield and other through chicane



Start to catch some ad the end of the lap pretty lonely lap



Same as lap 10 cars in the distance



Last Lap

pass a slow moving Jason Nind other cars are to far away to pass to finish a sad 8th