Cadwell Park Stock-Hatch(Short Circuit) DoubleHeader Round 7/8

28th/29 June 2003

Sunday Heat2

Files are around 7MB


Start lap1

Got a great start, with mark alden to my left! and managed to get into 3nd up the hill!


having a great fight for 2nd, get past end of the straight but miss gear out of park to lose 2nd!


back in 3rd but get a run through coppice to get back into 2nd


now i can start to try and close in on the leader!


I get a good run up park straight but no way past! nearly make it past out the hairpin but miss 2nd gear..ouch!


we catch a back marker as we get to charlies which slows glen up and i nearly had a run out and up the straight!


i made a mistake going through charlies to drop back a bit!


Another mistake going through charlies but made up the gap under braking at park to be back on his tail!


more of the same for some reason i was pointing as we came out of chris curve! i've been watching to much touring cars!hehe


we catch the same back marker as we go through the hairpin but no chance to use it to my advantage!



Catch a back maker going through park i just made it through to stay on glens tail! i have a little moment going through the gooseneck!

lap 12 last lap!

We catch up a couple of back markers through mansfield but i'm a little to far back to take advantage! so 2nd it is!